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Sips, Brass Key Guest House
Gold Key


Savor Sips of Flavor

Enjoy an evening at our Shipwreck Lounge, sipping our exclusively hand-crafted cocktails. Choose your perfect drink from Homemade Red Sangria to Pride Queen to Shipwreck Screw. Start a memorable night with a toast of Rose, White, Red or Sparkling Wine.

Explore our menu and let the party begin!


Summer Cocktails

  • Homemade Red Sangria

    Fresh Fruit

  • Pride Queen

    Tito's Vodka, Fresh Lemon, Champagne, St. Germain

  • Cherry Lime Rickey

    Absolut Lime, Homemade Grenadine, Fresh Lime, Ginger Ale

  • Shipwreck Screw

    Absolut Mandarin, Fresh O, Splash Of Soda

  • Hangar Rose Cosmo

    Hangar Rose Vodka. Cran. Triple Sec. Fresh Lime

  • Organic Frose'

    Frozen Delight


  • Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 7
  • Cider Shacksburv Dry 7
  • White Claw Lime 6 Black Cherry 6
  • Stella Artois 7
  • Corona 7
  • Lagunitas 7
  • Michel Ultra 6
  • High Noon - Vodka & Soda
  • Black Cherry 7
  • Bud Light 6
  • Zero Heineken Non Alcoholic 6

Featuring our local beer - Provincetown Brewing Co. Bearded Mistress (IPA) or Gold Hook Ale

Rose & White Wine

Rose', Bieler 12 Glass, 40 Bottle Province France - Balanced dry rose Pinot Grigio, Anterra 11 Glass, 36 Bottle, Italy - Delicate and fruity Sauvignon Blanc, Palmelo 12 Glass, 40 Bottle, California - White peachand melon Sauvignon Blanc, Cakebread 56 Bottle, Napa Valley California - full bodied Chardonnay, Greystone Cellars 11 Glass, 36 Bottle, California -Oaked and delicate Chardonnay, Cakebread Cellars 69 Bottle, Napa Valley - Rich and full bodied

Red Wine

Pinot Noir, Angeline 12 Glass, 40 Bottle, California - Round, Juicy, toasty oak Malbec, La Posta "Paulucci" 14 Glass, 47 Bottle, Argentina - Berries, spice, hint of caramel Merlot, Josh Cellars 14 Glass, 47 Bottle, California - Soft, violets, plum & vanilla bean Cabernet, Kenwood 14 Glass, 47 Bottle, California - Aromas black currant, cherry, plum Cabernet, Smith & Hook 15 Glass, 53 Bottle, Central Coast

California - Full bodied & rich

Cabernet, Cakebread 99 Bottle, Napa Valley California -Boysenberry fruit

Sparkling Wine

NV Brut, Veuve de Vernay, France - 11 Glass, 38 Bottle NV Sparkling Rose, Veuve de Vernay, France - 10 Glass, 37 Bottle NV Brut, Chateau Blingy, Champagne, France - 49 Bottle NV Brut, Veuve Clicquot, Champagne, France - "Yellow Label" 55 ½ Bottle, 100 Bottle

All prices inclusive of tax, not gratuity. Thank you.