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Gold Key

About Us


Named "One of the top 50 small hotels in the U.S." by the Conde Nast Travel Magazine, The Brass Key Guesthouse is the ideal escape for adults passionate about life. Our hotel in Provincetown celebrates diversity in all its forms, creating a comfortable space for all travelers.

The Brass Key Guesthouse is the premier GLBTQ+ destination in Provincetown. It is a boutique hotel that fosters diversity and open-mindedness. The principle of the hotel respects all sexual orientations, identities, genders, races, and religions. It is a stay where all guests come home to a roof that values them by fostering an environment filled with a fun-loving and free-spirited vibe. We live by the motto of, "If you don't care, we don't care."

Our courtyard, pool, and lounge are hubs for conversation, connection, and community. The charm of the Brass Key doesn't stop at the hotel itself - the heart and soul of the hotel is the people. Make new friends and reunite with old ones every year at one of the best hotels in Provincetown MA, Brass Key Guesthouse.