What to do in Provincetown this February

Is this winter going by slowly for you too? For whatever reason, every time I look at the calendar, I’m shocked that it’s still only the beginning of February. This season has seemed like a slow slog. Normally I love winter, but this year, we’ve had our share of rain and almost no snow to speak of. Wet and cold is not my idea of fun. I’ll take a big snowstorm over rain any day of the week. I’m still waiting for the big one of the season.

So to pick myself up, I’ve added a few must-do’s to my schedule. Take note if you’re feeling adventurous or maybe just bored. First on my plate is Valentine’s Day dinner at The Pointe restaurant which falls on their 2 for 1 Wednesday night special. Both menu and staff are exquisite and everyone should experience the charm of the dining room.  Right around now, the Fine Arts Work Center in Provicetown is showing Maia Chao……I love her work! It’s a short show—the exhibition is up until the 14th. It’s a must see. Rumor has it that the Waters Edge Cinema is going to be showing “Pennies from Heaven” by Herbert Ross on the 21st at 7pm.  Who doesn’t like early an 80’s Steve Martin, Christopher Walken or Bernadette Peters?  FYI Bernadette won a Golden Globe for best actress in this, not to mention the film was nominated for 3 Oscars. Waters Edge is also showing all four of the Oscar nominated animated shorts (including some bonus films). I’m an animation nut so I’m psyched to be able to catch them. They’re not just for kids, you know! All in all, some solid entertainment for otherwise quiet Cape Cod evenings. Hope to see you on the town!


Brass Key Hotel poolLooking to do a long weekend on the Cape mid-April to early May, and not sure what area to choose as our ‘base”, then Provincetown is the best place to spend this spring. I know you might have doubts in mind and want convincing reasons. Don’t worry, in this article we will address the top Irresistible attractions that are in Provincetown.
Put on your seat belt while I analyze them categorically:

First Attraction: The Cape Cod National Seashore:

This is the main national site of attraction and unarguably the best. It is one of the high ranking beaches which exist in Cape Cod and it’s indeed a treasure. Spanning an area of over 40,000 acres of the waterfront, historic buildings, old lighthouses, picnic areas, nature trails, swimming beaches and of course can be found along this beautiful piece of natural shoreline.
Ascending from the national seashore where it begins in Provincetown to the end adjacent Chatham, there are six beautiful beaches to explore. Eastham’s Coast Guard Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on Cape Cod hands down. Eastham is also home sick Light Beach. Wellfleet Marconi Beach, Truro’s Meadow Beach and Provincetown Herring Cove and Race Point beaches are all on the national seashore.
I’m not sure what kind of historical and cultural things you have in mind, but I assure that you got a lot to enjoy on the Cape Cod National Park.
Second attraction: Exotic accommodations and great dining experience.

When it comes to world-class accommodation, Provincetown sit there staring at the top to you, the accommodations are so charming to the point of not wanting to return home. A perfect hypothesis of such hotels and accommodation suites is Brass Key Hotel (why not book accommodation before spring begins on our website www.brasskey.com) with an incredible stay, great staff and a wonderful site that will satisfy your taste hip and chic to elegance and antique. And not to forget the twin Crowne Pointe Historic Inn & Spa, the interior uniformly compliments the spectacular Provincetown landscape of dunes, marsh grass, blue-green waters and sandy possession. Natural materials with fine craftsmanship abound throughout the hotel, including hardwood floors, soothing wall colors and gently rotating ceiling fans. Did I mention the historicity of the Crowne Pointe Historic Inn & Spa in Provincetown? Forgive me! It’s a classic 140-year old Cape Cod Sea Captain’s good. This Provincetown hotel consists of 40 rooms and is located in six major architecturally restored historic buildings. Incredible, is it not? Yes of course.

Amazing Dining Experiences:
 Want some memorable dinners this spring? Then Provincetown is the best place for you.
Remember to check out THE POINTE RESTAURANT + wine bar (visit the website to see www.dineptown.com for salivating menus); located in the Crowne Pointe Historic Inn & Spa, offers modern-coastal cuisine with a strong local undercurrent Pointe in an innovative restaurant and wine bar which channels the creativity of Provincetown. This inspired spirit, lively atmosphere, and focus on bringing guests and neighborhood local’s unprecedented food and beverage menu makes it unique amidst Provincetown restaurant scene. We also have Mews Restaurant, Jimmy’s Hideaway, Red Inn Restaurant, Bayside Betsy’s Restaurant and many other breathtaking dining centers, so you nearly would not want to return home after this spring visit to Provincetown.

Third attraction: Best Whale Watching In the World

Provincetown whale watches are an adventure that will serve as lifetime memory, in fact, you wouldn’t forget the spectacular experience in a hurry! Sightings are guaranteed during your trip to Stellwagen Bank’s, nice to see the world’s largest mammals. You will be glad when you see the great whales of the North Atlantic: the humpback, Finback, Minke, Law and Pilot whales. Dolphins, porpoises and seals are common sightings too. Our experienced crew makes an excellent educational tutor for the entire family. They are very knowledgeable about whales and wildlife, as well as local history of Provincetown. Our ships provide maximum visibility and comfort. Enjoy the cruise on the open deck or lounge in the air-conditioned cab. Your comfort is assured with complete kitchen equipment service offering food and your favorite drinks. Your captain and crew bring you a first-class on-the-water experience.
Art Galleries In Provincetown:

The business territory is filled with galleries (at least forty of them) and is very dynamic in the months of summer; these galleries, you can create a variety of fine art from local artists, but also national and international ones to find. Do not miss the art openings every Friday, the ideal opportunity to meet the artists, possibly the host and directors – in a more convenient style with a glass of wine in hand.
We have galleries, including:

1. Packard Gallery
Two artists, Anne and Cynthia Packard have artwork on display here, and this is a wonderful gallery for so many reasons.

1. The unique styles of the duo- Anne and Cynthia
2. The actual building in which the gallery is housed – beautiful.
3. With the Enlarge attractive display that you can just feel contented watching from a distance.
4. Also visible is the Wheaton terrier snoozing at the entrance which is soft coated.

2. Simie Maryles Gallery

An artist-owned gallery represents traditional art with a contemporary point of view. A small group of selected representative painters from across the country, styles ranging from classical to Renaissance painterly impressionistic graphic design fun.

3. Tom Johnson Photo Gallery
At Whaler’s Wharf a stunning photo gallery, to amazing scenes from Provincetown, the local landscapes and seascapes, lighthouses, whales and enjoy the Cape Cod National Seashore. It might also make a perfect souvenir home.

4. Berta Walker Gallery.

5. Julie Heller Gallery.
Just to name a few.

Fourth Attraction: Topnotch pet friendly cities.


One of the friendliest pet resorts can be found in Provincetown. A good example is the Provincetown Pet Resort & Supply. Co-owned by Tom Walter, David Sanford and Kenneth Masi, these owners all love what they do. Along with Provincetown consistently named as one of the top where pets are cities in the country, there is a real need for luxury pet accommodations. And that is why at Provincetown Pet Resort & Supply, our goal was an element of luxury accommodations for pets, as they bring their health and safety is our primary concern, “said Tom Walter.”
Vacation activities for your dogs do not stop at just a stay in a luxury hotel for pets: if you prefer to keep them with you in your apartment or guesthouse, you can take them to the resort for the dog equivalent of day camp. “We offer doggie with both indoor and outdoor playgrounds, dogs constantly supervised by trained personnel that separates them by size and temperament. In fact, check out breathtaking features of the pet resort.”

Fifth Attraction: World Class Spa.
Provincetown also has a world class Spa, the Shui Spa; our elegant spa offers guests a peaceful setting with unisex full service treatment rooms, staffed with highly trained, licensed therapists. In the center of Shui Spa is a warm mineral therapy tub in a relaxing understated meditative environment. The entire spa is intimate and unisex and facilities include a lounge and a sauna and steam room. The spa also has a finishing area for manicures and pedicures, as well as a retail environment for you to take home your spa experience.


With all these attractive and breathtaking features of Provincetown MA, no doubt you are convinced of where to spend this spring. Well, I will repeat the fact that you should not forget to rejuvenate your body and senses at Shui Spa, Provincetown, and Cape Cod.

You may want to check out our website at (www.shuispa.com)