Provincetown Winter Nightlife

So, you did something this past summer that you can’t stop thinking about…. it’s there every time you close your eyes. I know what it was, I won’t tell anyone. Promise. If you think you have to wait a full year to relive that experience, you are clearly mistaken.  What am I getting at?  Night life and après party in Provincetown, it goes on and on and it goes year-round. Well, mostly year-round. We all know some months are a bit hotter and louder than others.

Nightlife in Provincetown

Right now, it’s cold. Really cold. There’s the misconception that Cape Cod goes to sleep to contend with the winter. It’s not entirely untrue. Those days when it’s pouring rain AND freezing? Yeah, that’s why they invented the phrase “hunker down.” But, in reality, there’s always more going on than one thinks. Here are a couple of places that are still hopping when the sun goes down this winter:


The Atlantic House or A-House: open 12PM -12AM:  Provincetown’s first post office turned dance club.  Got Male?


The Paramount at the Crown and Anchor: They’re hosting some of the Snowbound Leather Weekend XII events Fri, 2/23/18 – Sun, 2/25/1818.


Hope to see you all out there! We’re closed at the moment but Valentine’s Day weekend is coming up!


The Winter People

Are you aware that bears do not actually hibernate during the winter months? I hadn’t actually thought much about this until recent spells of cold weather beat down upon Cape Cod during the latter part of the holidays. Forced in to my own seasonal state of torpor and fueled by wine and a decanted holiday pastry, I began wondering if every other Cape dweller shares the same indoor fate on these oh-soooo-cold days and nights. Or, if by chance, there were other creatures unfazed by these Canadian downdrafts, people who charged out the door to enjoy mother nature in all her wintery glory?

Turns out, such creatures exist! And they all congregate at the Polar Bear Plunge. That’s right, bikinis, speedos and icebergs. Events occur from Provincetown to Cotuit, and are typically held on New Year’s Day. Hundreds of well-intentioned people come together not only to usher in the New Year but for the benefit of individuals and organizations in need. Unfortunately, this year’s frigid temps have put the damper on a few of these scheduled events but there is always next winter to look forward to. That’s right…I said it and I’ll repeat: let’s look forward to next winter! It’s not so bad, is it? So, if you’re in the need for a quick skin tightening and cup of hot cocoa on the beach in January I encourage you to come out of your wintery den and go for a swim at next year’s event. See you at the beach!